Twisted Southern Gothic mystery

All Saints' Secrets - Nicole Loughan

Second book in the Saints Mystery series takes place mostly in New Orleans as Fanchon recovers from the injuries suffered at the hands of the killer in book 1. These injuries include a severely broken leg which does not allow the MC to bear weight although it is casted.


This book was a serviceable mystery but lacked much of the humor from the first book. I never imagined the strange twist at the end concerning the identity of main characters. The amount of traveling the MC managed with a severely broken leg was incredible but the phrase that drew me up short was at the end where the MC sits crosslegged before her dead BF's crypt. I totally can't see it with the cast needed for her injury.


I read through kindle/audible Whispersync. An Audible glitch prevented me from reading through immersion reading and I will contact them to correct it. The narrator did a good, but not outstanding, job.


I am interested enough in the series to want to read the next one. Currently it is not available on Audible so I may wait a few months and borrow through Kindle Unlimited.


I bought the Kindle book and received the Audible version in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.