No Place Like Home - Anne R. Allen

Madcap comedies virtually by definition are based on implausible and improbable scenarios. This novel goes well beyond implausible.


*Spoiler Alert*

Every multi-millionaire who ever had a drink with Doria's husband turn over 90% of their money to this Madoff type character. Doria, a successful business woman of 60, has been married to her 6th husband for just 3 years but has apparently turned over all financial decisions to him. Naturally everyone is broke and angry.


It is too far fetched to believe these people never used a professional. There is no dirth of lawyers and accountants in CA. Doria is TSTL and Camilla relies on money falling from the sky to solve her problems. On the plus side, there were only 5 grammar and typo errors in the book and the writing isn't atrocious.