I am ignoring any author calling a site-TOS compliant review "bullying"

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In fairness, does anyone have any links or screenshots where an author is being personally attacked and it got left by site support after being reported? (I don't mean star ratings on the book that are from non-sockpuppet accounts.)

I am delighted there is a "real name" and other stop the bullying reviewer petitions out there so I can get a good list of authors who feel reviews are bullying.  I will boycott and ignore those authors.  It sickens me to think my review might be one they consider bullying.  


If I already reviewed positively, I will remove review and ratings leaving just a comment on sites that don't make me rate that "per auther's request via petition this review has been removed" (blathering on long enough to comply with review length guideline a on sites that require) and on sites that force me to rate I will add the lowest rating.


Nope, I still won't go around rating their books I haven't read (or tried to read) as an expression of my disinterest or for any other reason—my personal choice byecause it confuses how I organize my books; I have zero issues with anyone who does.  If I still kept a book catalog on goodreads, I would for when my "authors think reviews bully" shelf got deleted and I'd make sure to note in a private note.


I won't buy, rate or review them.  If I did so prior knowing they felt reviews were bullying—if not read or reviewed yet the books will be donated and the ebooks deleted (or returned if still during within time frame to get refund); if already reviewed depends.  If positive, as stated above.  If neutral or negative, leave lowest star rating possible and edit the review to remove any neutral, positive or "fair" comments (sometimes if I have time and find words easy I do try to make sure I find something good to say about a book in the middle of negative stuff).


the whole business is making me think about putting back just my star ratings on goodreads (no reviews or shelves).