Wondrous prose and fabulous story

Sinful Folk - Nikki McClure, Ned Hayes

 This tale of a journey taken by medieval peasants seeking justice in the dead of winter is incredibly well written and researched. Through Mear, the reader experiences the hardships endured -"The darkness around us presses down, as if to listen. The music of the wind rises and falls with the swirls of the snow, the creaking of the sea of branches in the darkness above us." and accompanies her as she reflects upon her life -"Any story is an ocean whose tide begins in a place I can’t know, and my life is but a moment in that flood, my part in it only a mote in the flow."

The mysteries at the heart of the story are compelling and kept me reading despite cringing through some of the brutality endured by the peasants.

I read and listened to both the Kindle and Audible versions through Immersion Reading and highly recommend either or both.