Amusing implausible mystery novella

To Murder a Saint: 1 (Saints) - Nicole Loughan

Two best friends, Josephine and Fanchon, move from Louisiana Cajun country to NYC. At Josephine's urging Fanchon goes out on a date with a guy from an internet dating website. Upon her return home, she discovers the dismembered body of Josephine.

The detective assigned to investigate accompanies Fanchon as she brings her friend's body home to Louisiana and standard chuckles ensue as he meets all the stereotyped natives

Returning to NYC, Fanchon stumbles upon the real murderer and Banyon charges in to assist her. It could be this book hit me at the right time but I laughed out loud several times while reading and listening to it. I would tend to characterize it as a cozy mystery although the set up and denouement is more bizarre than the standard cozy.

I read this through Whispersync and thoroughly enjoyed the narrator and her voices. I bought the Kindle book and received the audible book in exchange for an honest review.