The Amazing Mr Howard 3.5 stars

The Amazing Mr. Howard - Kenneth Harmon



Mr. Howard is a professor of esoteric studies and aids the local police using his psychic skills. A bit of a recluse,   Mr. Howard only teaches night classes due to a skin allergy to the sun. I am sure it is obvious to even casual readers that Mr. Howard is a vampire.


Mr. Howard's latest blood donor is from a wealthy family so the police are under intense pressure to find the girl. Willard, a state police detective, is soon on the hunt to unmask Mr Howard. However, the character Willard is so abhorrent - calling his family names and beating his kids - that the reader has zero affection or respect for him. While Mr. Howard kills, he is remorseful about the killing and seeks to return his victim's remains to their families.


The writing is fine and the story moves along nicely. Although while I could accept the premise of a wealthy vampire, the exorbitant payout to a private detective would draw suspicion and attention that was unwanted by the main character. Sometimes fairly minor details like this throw the reader out of the story and detract from its enjoyment.


Received free copy in exchange for honest review