I give up

Actors Anonymous - James Franco

Franco has created a book populated by actors with differing back stories. Each chapter is loosely based on the 12 steps and is written from one of the actor's POV in a stream of consciousness type style.


While he has written some marvelous lines -


"Sometimes it is painful to be oneself; at other times it seems impossible to escape oneself."



"We are not an exclusive club; the only requirement for membership is a desire to change oneself, to be able to act decently in a controlled manner."
" I hate actors that make their performances more important than the project. Get the fuck over yourself. What’s the point? Don’t you know you’re in a collaborative business? Your career isn’t that important."
"Your life is not in your control anyway. You are made up of everything around you. So choose your characters and play them out." 
Overall I did not care for any of the characters and the book grew too tiresome.
I gave up at 72%. Book obtained through Kindle Owners' Lending Library.